08 July 2009

Before More Updates...

WE'RE IN STRASBOURG for the summer and there's lots of information forthcoming. But who can think about that when bac results were just published in the paper! In great French fashion, all students have their bac results published (with scores!!) in their local paper. Results were announced yesterday so results came out in print today! Results for our students can be found here. I realize the list won't mean anything to the casual observer, but just as a reference, the marks go something like this:
  • 10-11 = no mark next to name (but passing)
  • 12-13 = AB (assez bien)
  • 14-15 = B (bien)
  • 16+ = TB (tres bien)

All scores are, of course, out of a possible 20. I'm still checking on my students' marks...so far so good.

As another point of reference, imagine if US papers published all SAT results in the local paper. Can you say lawsuit?


Late Update: just received word from our section head that all students in the Section Americaine passed the bac this year. We had one close call, but he passed earlier today after something called a rattrapage (kind of a partial do-over).

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