02 June 2009

Sad News

THIS IS KATIE FLYNN. She is one of my students and she was killed this weekend in a car accident. Because of the Monday holiday and my French exam today, I haven't been to school since Friday so I just heard the news and I have very few details.

Katie is a 1ere student (think Junior) from Ireland and many of her extended family and friends have flown down to be with her family. There will be a Mass for her in Sophia Antipolis on Thursday.

Obviously, this is very, very sad news for all of us at the Centre International de Valbonne, particularly those of us who had the pleasure of teaching her. She was a bright, thoughtful, and utterly delightful girl.

An extra prayer will go up tonight for her family and her friends. 17 is just too young.

Late Update: There was a memorial service this afternoon at a Catholic church in Sophia. Many of the students wore green to school today and then walked in mass over to the church. A colleague and I participated by playing Raglin Road and Danny Boy (violin & flute). The service was upbeat and positive -- as they often are in these kinds of situations. A very nice afternoon, all things considered.


poppy fields said...

I'm sorry. That's so sad.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for her family. I know someone who just lost a friend on the AirFrance crash. Accidents of all sorts are tragedies.

Anonymous said...

i just found out today that katie died...she went to my primary school in ireland and was in my class...but left ireland for france when she was about eight or nine. My friends and I have just heard the news and are very shocked and upset..rest in peace katie..i'll always remeber our days together.