09 June 2009

Bac Starts Today

THE BAC EXAM begins today for my students with 8 total hours of written exams today and tomorrow. Today they have a 4 hour exam in Literature and tomorrow they sit for the 4 hour exam in History/Econ.

The real work begins next week when they sit for their exams in all their other classes. By the end they will have taken up to 30+ hours of written exams and up to 2+ hours of orals. All in a 10 day period.

What is your high school senior doing this week?

Of course, I'm as eager as my students to see what questions will be asked on the History exam. I'll find out tomorrow and will probably put them up on the blog.

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Jeremy scriven said...

Ha!! My high school senior week consisted of 4.5 hours of written exams and 4 days in the Bahamas.