28 June 2009

Apologies to Nat King Cole

MY FAVORITE VERSION of 'I Love Paris in the Springtime' is by Nat King Cole. But for the past couple of days I've been changing the words a bit, singing instead: I Love Paris on Per Diem.

I mean really, is there anything better than eating well on someone else's dime? Since I'm working this week I have a food allowance that gives me generous, if not extravagant, food options. And what better place for good food options than Paris?

Last evening a colleague and I ate at a nice bistro in the 1ere arronsissement near our hotel. I had the €29 menu: Salade 'Caesar' avec poulet, carpacio de saumon, bœuf grillé aux herbs, mousse au chocolate, et café. It was good enough that we'll probably go back tomorrow evening with some other colleagues.

Tonight I've just returned from a great Indian restaurant in the St. Germain. I told the waiter I wasn't French so make it spicey. It was spicey. Parts of my insides are still smoldering; you know, in the good way that means you're going to feel it later -- if you know what I mean.


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Anonymous said...

Now I'll be humming the song (the wrong way) all day.