25 May 2009

Worth a Thousand Words (and probably more)

THERE IS A terrific web site that documents some of the photos that have changed the world. Most of the photos are instantly recognizable and it's fun to take a look and see how many you remember. Some are quite 'American', but many are famous around the world. I wanted to put all of them below but that would take up way to much room so I've included only the photos that I have used this year in powerpoints for class (I love using photos in the classroom). How many do you know?

How many could you identify?


Deborah said...

What a great post and website. Photos are so powerful. I knew most of them.

angus said...

Here goes from top to bottom...

~ Afghan girl (National Geographic)
~ Neil Armstrong photo??
~ W.W. II reunion, New York??
~ ??????
~ Vietnam war
~ The great depression???
~ Tieneman Square
~ ???????

parlezvouskiwi said...

Thanks for sharing this. I actually saw this in a bookshop once - a book full of these photographs that changed the world. Very powerful. Although some can be a little too graphic for me (like motion shots from the war).

Rick said...

the "?????" are: flower power , I believe in DC, and the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. All three 100 meter medal winners from America gave the black power salute and lost their medals.

Love powerful photos!

Stephan said...

It was only the gold and silver winners: Tommie Smith and John Carlos, I think. That is one great photo.

angus said...

Thanks Rick/Stephan...