07 May 2009

Low on Priority List

UPDATING FRENCH FOR a While has been low on our priority list for the past few days, mainly due to: sick children, our more and more frustrating car situation, bundles of work at school (end of the year tests coming up), and my decision to wake up at 01:00 every-other morning to watch my beloved Washington Capitals in the NHL playoffs.

Jeez, that last one is wiping me out. But I'm loving it.

Oh, and I can't find my keys. Merde!


Justin said...

Oh I forgot it is the playoffs... I am so out of the loop since canceling the NHL online package (it was garbage). How are you watching the games? I did watch a couple IHF games the other day on TV (US was beating France, hehe)!

Justin said...

Sorry... I meant IIHF, i have no interest in field hockey (IHF) :-)

Jennifer said...

Enjoy the upcoming May holidays!"Courage"

Monique said...

Hey it could be worse, you could have swine flu.

Anonymous said...