02 May 2009

Good Coffee, Anyone?

CAN ANYONE TELL us where to get descent coffee in France? I don't mean at a café (that's another blog post), I mean at the supermarket. What commercial brands result in a good cup of home-made coffee? Because we are American we drink quite a bit of coffee at home and we use the good-'ol coffee maker to make coffee every morning (and most evenings). Our problems is that we can't seem to find good ground coffee in the stores, and it seems like we've tried them all. It's to the point where Folger's is sounding pretty good.

This morning I opened a new package of coffee (Brazilian) and took a sniff -- it was aweful. Even before I put the grounds into the coffee-maker I knew the results were going to be disappointing. It was terrible.
We would go back to Gevalia Kaffe -- but I don't think they deliver to France. Maybe some of you living in France can help.
CJS (and KRS)


Jennifer said...

Since Gevalia Coffee is Swedish, a similar was sold at IKEA with the brand Löfbergs Lila (mellan mörk-"medium dark"). They may have changed to a generic. Since I started drinking coffee in Sweden (where there's even a verb for drinking coffee), I found it difficult to readjust to French coffee. Before IKEA came locally, I discovered they use Nicauragan blends. Experiment with Central American blends from grocery store. Carte D'Or Doux is the cheapest alternative.

Jonathan et Kari said...

Our favorite is actually from Monop. It's their brand 100% Arabica (Moka). Also tried a good Colombian Fair Trade coffee from Spar, but will have to look at the package at work to give you more details.

And I don't know if they deliver to France, but Storyville is donating 100% of ALL revenue during the month of May to the International Justice Mission. Incentive to look into it, at least!


kirsten said...

what abt turning your paradigm on its head? We recently started using one of those cheap stovetop espresso makers, and have been deeply happy with the results. (Just never try to make the coffee w/out water in the bottom, a la Torbjorn - toxic melted plastic smell plagued house for days).

Manue said...

buy a Nespresso machine?

Anonymous said...

for a "descent" coffee, this one come from Austria but arrive on a regular basis to who order it:
I am French and my husband is American, but this is our favorite and not the very costly Gevalia we had for years!
votre fidele Ratafia

The Duchess said...

I asked the same question a few months back- http://theduchessofearl.blogspot.com/2009/02/best-part-of-waking-up.html
and didn't get much in way of response. I'll have to check out some of the brands recommended here!

Nathan said...

You will be in for a treat my friend...in about 3 weeks :-)

Anonymous said...

Café Richard...available at the Comptoirs Café Richard.

Starman said...

I like Carte Noire. Most of the French stores carry it.