29 April 2009

Takoma Academy: 1989

YES. THAT'S THE year I graduated from high school in Takoma Park, MD -- just outside Washington, DC. Last weekend was my 20th renunion, which I missed because I live about 5000 miles away. It would have been fun to be there. This photo was taken at the reunion and from what I can tell it represents a bit less than 1/2 of the class. Some of my best friends from TA are in the photo and some of my best friends didn't seem to make it to the reunion either.

Everyone looks old great!

(We all look old compared to 20 years ago! I have seen lots of photo that have been sent to me and people really do look the same in a lot of ways. Funny how that happens. Lots of fun to see everyone again.)

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Akinoluna - a female Marine said...

A few months ago I mentioned to Megan that it was almost time for our ten year high school reunion. Her response: "That makes me feel old!"

haha. Not that we can do it anyway, with me being in Egypt and all.