02 March 2009

The Surprise...?

OUR SURPRISE FOR the kids was that we didn't tell them Kerri's parents (pop-pop and gi-gi) were meeting us in Dublin! There were wondering why a strange guy was holding a big sign at the arrivals gate with our last name on it. They soon figured it out, and they were thrilled. Me, not so much (joke!). Much more to come...but a couple photos for now.
Pop-Pop and Gi-Gi meet us at the airport.
Family photo in St. Stephen's Green
Grafton Street, Dublin
Coffee from famous Bewley's (I opted for Starbucks)

A ruin on a site thought to have been used by St. Patrick in the 5th century

A couple of lads one hour before the big England/Ireland match which was held in Dublin last Saturday. Ireland won 14-13 (part of the 6 Nations Tournament).


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bhshrode said...

Looks like fun. I take it GiGi didn't pick that photo of herself.