15 March 2009

Sunday at Paris-Nice

HERE'S JUST A FEW seconds from our day watching the final stage of the Paris-Nice. It's not much, really, since I was filming with our regular camera instead of a video camera. After hanging around the starting area in the morning, we went up to Eze to watch the last fast descent. For those of you who know Eze village you know that the views are spectacular -- and watching the race from this point was a real treat. Our clip doesn't do it any justice at all. Patrick's favorite part is the interview at the end with a couple of guys for Rabobank and a team mechanic. He thought it was cool to hear the riders 'talking shop' about their bikes. I thought it was cool to hear a guy complaining about his $6000 custom-made bike, but that's just me --- a guy who rides a 10-year old Bianchi.



poppy fields said...

This has nothing to do with Paris-Nice, but...
we went out for Cokes and Orangina at the Bar des Sports in Sablet yesterday.

French for a While said...

Wonderful. Our friend Michel will be very happy to hear that. I sort of assumed you live up in that general area.