31 March 2009

Opening Night

TONIGHT IS OPENNG night for the C.I.V. production of Hamlet. I'm always inpressed with the drama productions at our school and I'm sure this one will be no different. I've seen the set and some of the props and they are amazing. Quite impressive for a high-school production.

It's also worth noting that many of the performers are not native English speakers. It's hard enough memorizing hundreds of lines (2000+ if you're Hamlet) of Shakespeare if English is your primary language. Try it when English is 2nd or even 3rd language.

We're planning to go on Wednesday night. A couple years ago Patrick, Julia and I read Hamlet together (a slightly watered-down version -- of course) so the kids remember the general plot and are looking forward to the sword fights and 'everybody dying.' (That's a Shakespeare tragedy for you).

Just for fun, here's a list of some of my students who are in the play

  • Gertrude - Aoife Franklyn
  • Horatio - Thomas Buchet
  • Polonius - Giancarlo Azzarelli
  • Rozencrantz - Estelle Rivoira
  • Guildenstern - Katie Flynn
  • Ghost - Rob Gallagher (he's a teacher!)
  • Marcellus - Emily James
  • Francisco - Katie Harris
  • Voltemand - Giuliana Bianchini
  • Fortinbras of Norway - James Mazars de Mazarin
  • Osrick - Caroline Alanté
  • and let's not forget a key crew member, the Stage Manager for the play - Ethan Sacré



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You wrote OPENNG, i suppose it is openning

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