31 March 2009

Haute Tension

SARKOZY IS TRYING to throw his weight around in the leadup to the G-20 meetings.

If Mr Sarkozy's strident demands for a new, restrictive regulatory structure were not met then he would leave an "empty chair", the French president's finance minister warned, hours before President Barack Obama arrived in London to meet Gordon Brown before the start of the summit on the global economic crisis.

"President Sarkozy was very clear on that front, he said if the deliverables are not there, I won't sign the communique," Christine Lagarde said. "It means walking away. I think he's very determined."

Good luck, Sarko. I like Sarkozy (I really do) but I'm not sure going nose-to-nose with Obama is a good idea right now -- even if the US is in a difficult situation with respect to the global economy.

[Note: of course I don't mean nose-to-nose liteterally. That would be pretty hard (not to mention funny) because Obama goes about 6'2 and Sarkozy is...well...quite a bit below that.]


Jonathan et Kari said...

The nose-to-nose visual was pretty funny. :)

Nathan said...

I was fascinated by the articles I've been reading about sark on CNN, good to get a somewhat different perspective...