22 February 2009

Funny = Money (part II)

WE CASHED-IN on that joke I told a couple weeks ago and had a very nice lunch today at Le Relais des Coches in beautiful Tourrettes-sur-Loup. The restaurant is probably most know for it's view as it sits just outside of town with clear views of the sea, the mountains, and the 13th century village of Tourrettes. (No photos since we forgot the camera today). Today was a chilly, but sunny day so we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour lunch -- perhaps a bit of a stretch with a 3 kids -- but it worked.

The kids chose items of the kids menu -- standard stuff, really, but very tasty. Kerri selected a vegetarian menu with a creamy risotto with sweet green peas and mint as the main dish. I went up a couple of notches and had the full Sunday menu: entree, carrot and nutmeg soup; roast lamb with puff pastry and legumes. For dessert we all sort of shared each other's choices -- rice pudding, ice cream, roasted pear with sorbet, and chocolate mousse.

A very nice lunch for everyone and a nice treat for just telling a joke. Our gift voucher was for 150 Euros and we came in under that by a few Euros.

Note: Julia wants me to tell everyone that the best part of the meal was the owner's dog, Punaise. She and the boys spent a good part of the lunch petting and rubbing behind the dog's ears. I think they even shared their lunch with Punaise. (Yes, dogs are very welcome in French restaurants).

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Gomes Grégoire said...

Hi Mr Scriven, this is Gregoire (Gomes) I found out your youtube name when we watched that hockey video and did some research.

I found out your blog and will read it soon and follow it :D