25 January 2009

The Tempest

IF YOU LIVE outside France or Spain you may not be aware of the massive wind storms that have hit the western part of these countries this weekend. To get an idea of how strong the winds were, take a look at this video. It's only 20 seconds:

Yikes. So far 15 deaths have been blamed on the storms. By the way, I'll just assume that the radio we here in the background in this video is battery operated -- can't imagine winds that take down massive trees but do nothing to electrical wires.

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Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

no, wasn't really aware of that, but i must say, that here in Scandinavia the wind had also picked up quite a lot... we're currently negotiating with the insurance re what to do with our roof. never thought it would get damaged in taht particular part and it's at least 15 meters above the ground, so we can't really fix it ourself and need some sort of a lift or we'll just leave it until we've put a second story inside the barn...
Ml, sarah sofia