27 November 2008

Thanksgiving Abroad (and Hand Turkeys)

IT'S NEVER EASY to celebrate Thanksgiving abroad. To ease my pain a little I spent a bit of time telling my (mostly) French students about the history of Thanksgiving and why many Americans consider it their favorite holiday. They seemed to sort of 'get' the idea by the time I was done. But just to make sure they really understood the concept, I forced them all to make a hand turkey. That's right, I made 16 and 17 year old French kids make hand turkeys -- like this one:
I wish I could explain to you how much they loved this! It just goes to show that no child should be able to complete 12 years of schooling without making at least one hand turkey. In America we do when we're 6; at the school where I teach we do when we're 16!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends. We really miss spending the day with you. And a special Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans who don't get to spend today in the United States! We didn't have much of a feast tonight (leftover pasta and salad), but we're going to eat a more traditional meal tomorrow night (Kerri's making the sweet potatoes right now!). I can't wait.


Chuck / Dad said...

Just finished the Thanksgiving meal--Becky, me, her (97-year-old) mom, and Shong-Qing, her cousin from China who is now completing a master's degre at the University of Eastern Michagan. (Smart guy; graduate of a top-ten university in China.)

Now everyone but me is on the equivalent of Skype, connecting with Chinese family members in Wuhan, a huge city in central China.

A word to the kids: I was living in Spokane, WA, when I was 10. When Becky was ten, she was living in Galesburg, Illinois.

By the way, as a gesture to our visitor Becky had me roast a turkey breast. Turned out okay, but I was pretty nervous.

See you all in a few weeks.


Jonathan et Kari said...

That's awesome. I would love to see some of the French teenagers I know draw hand-turkeys.

Hope y'all have a great Fanksgiveen weekend.

Alisa said...

classic...i'm sure they had a great time! Hope your thanksgiving was lovely. we are celebrating thanksiving tomorrow - yes, you can move a holiday is you're living in france. but, our french friends requested mexican...yes, we are having a mexican thanksgiving...but i'm making a pecan pie!