14 August 2008

Picasso, Braque, and Rasberry Muffins

A FEW MONTHS ago Patrick and Julia had a school project where they had to research the life and works of a famous artist from the Mediterranean region. Julia was given Pablo Picasso and Patrick was given Georges Braque. It was Picasso and Braque that developed the art movement known as cubism, and that movement has it origins in the small French village of Céret. Picasso and Braque spent a lot of time there in the mid 1950s.

We visited Céret today and spent some time in the Musée d'Art Moderne Céret where we were able to see some original Picasso works (no Braque -- too bad). The kids actually enjoyed the museum, partly because we made an effort to work our way through it pretty quickly, and partly because their school project was still fresh in the minds.

After the trip to Ceret we made a quick stop along the coast for some ice cream and coffee, then returned home where we had a nice treat from our neighbors (see here for more): fresh rasberry muffins. Now, I'm not one to throw hyperbole around lightly, but I could have eaten about 1000 of them -- they were that good. A big 'thanks' from all of us.

And this quick photo with PP and GG at the coast in St. Cyprien.


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