15 July 2008

Our Little Daily Gets the Big Story First

BY NOW YOU'VE almost certainly heard the news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile have new twins in the house. The twins -- a boy and girl -- were delivered in Lenval Hospital in Nice, France. But that's not the reason I bring it up. I bring it up because word of the birth did not come from the usual sources like People, US Weekly, In Touch, Hollywood Reporter, or some other gossip rag.

No, this news -- certainly the biggest celeb story of the year -- was broken by a relatively small French daily based in Nice: Nice Matin. Oh sure, you probably got the news from your local newspaper, the radio or E!, but it was the Nice Matin that had the story first. In fact, 'the scoop' became quite a big story in and of itself:

NICE, France — The world's entertainment press tripped over themselves, making embarrassing errors along the way, as they fought to be first to report the biggest celebrity story of the year: the birth of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins.

In the end, the scoop went to a provincial French newspaper.

"It was Brad Pitt who chose to give the scoop to Nice-Matin," said assistant editor-in-chief Olivier Biscaye. "He said to the doctor that the local media should be the first informed about the birth."

Nice-Matin put one of its most experienced reporters on the story, Jean-Francois Roubaud, who was given access that the rest of the media pack camped outside the Lenval hospital could only dream about. While security kept out other reporters, Roubaud was allowed inside and given access to Jolie's obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann.
-- from Huffington Post

Take that L.A.!

We're living away from Nice for the summer so we had to hear the news like everyone else who didn't read it in the Nice Matin: second hand.

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