16 March 2008

Paris-Nice Final Stage

THE FINAL STAGE OF the Paris-Nice was today and I went down to Nice for the start of the stage. I've never been to the start of a bike race before and I was struck by how accessible the teams and riders are. Thousands of fans were just strolling along the Prommenade des Anglais talking to riders and taking photos and video of the teams. The riders were quite willing to talk and let you touch their equipment (I realize that last phrase could be interpreted in a completely different way -- I mean their bikes, Jim!) At one point I was in front of the team Lotto bus and Cadel Evans was showing a fan how light his bike was and I was able to give it a quick lift as well. Here are some photos and some explanations. By the way, the photo at the left is of Gerolsteiner's Davide Rebellin (the eventual winner) and Rinaldo Nocentini, who finished second overall. I took the photo just before the start of the final stage.

Slipstream-Chipotle rider Christian VandeVelde. You can almost smell the burritos!

Slipstream's color scheme as it apears on their bikes.

The Lampre Boys

Bobby Julich being interviewed by VS.

Next week I'm hoping to convice my family to go to the finish of Milan-San Remo! We'll see.



Michael said...

I was there as well. What a great day. Did you see the climb up the Col d'Eze?

Jessie said...

On TV the stage looked great. If I was riding I wouldn't be able to focus on the race because of the view of the Med. sea.

Anonymous said...

Of course you would be checking out the equipment Jonathan!!

That was great timing for the Julich moment. Did you get to talk to him pre race??

We as well have been pining for Chipotle! Can you believe it has been a year since we were in DC with you??!!


Jackie said...

I am so jealous! So, so jealous! Cadel Evans!

(hey, that's the closest you've been to Chipotle in a while, huh?)

Alisa in Los Angeles said...

Sounds like a lovely day. We watched it on TV, looked a bit breezy. Can't wait to be able to see that race and the Tour live when we are living there next year!