26 December 2007

A Quaint Little European Hotel It's Not

TODAY WE ARE headed to Italy for a few days. This will be our third overnight trip to Italy in the past 7 weeks. This time we are going (with Mormor and Jeremy) to Milan and Lake Como. But my point is to say that each time we travel to Italy we have stayed at a ... Holiday Inn Express!

Not exactly the quaint little hotel that might come to mind when you think Europe, but when you have three kids the word 'convenient' surpasses 'quaint' any day of the week. And the Express sure is convenient: nice rooms, cable TV, free breakfast (and a really good one!), and plenty of parking. And the best part is that -- like you'd expect from a chain hotel -- you know what you're going to get. The problem with most European hotels is that they can vary so much and many of them don't allow more than 2 people per room. That can lead to difficulties when you are a family of 5.
So that's my promo for Holiday Inn Express.

We'll be back on Friday afternoon.

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Sticking to my Guns said...

Don't underestimate Holiday Inn's here in Europe. Than can be great!