24 December 2007

Ligue 1

AFTER NEARLY FOUR months in France we finally made it to our first Ligue 1 match. Since Mormor (grandma) and Uncle Jeremy are here, the 'boys' decided to brave the wind and rain and attend a match between Nice and Valenciennes at the Stade du Ray in downtown Nice. (see the photo with Patrick and Uncle Jeremy just after the match).

The atmosphere was amazing -- typical of a major European football league game. Lots of singing, chanting, and some good-natured (and not-so-good-natured) ribbing of the opposing players and fans. And the evening was a success as Nice won 1-0 and climbed up in the Ligue 1 standings, now only 3 points away from a coveted Champions League position with the second half of the season still to come.

Nice probably can't compete with the likes of Lyon and Marseilles in the long run, but the game was a lot of fun! We'll go again for sure.

As the crowd on Saturday night said: Allez Nice!

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Crazy for France said...

Allez Lyon!!! But Nice can finish seoond.