19 December 2007

Joyeux Anniversaire!

ONE OF US is having a birthday today...and it's not me!

A photo in a lighter moment -- Kerri and her Mom in Monaco!
Send a long a comment if you want to say Happy Birthday yourself!


French for a While said...

A Super Big Happy Birthday

OnceAmerican said...

Haaaappy Birthday K!
We love you and we love your Blogg!
Please do tell your husband that drinking and eating while driving does not seemed to be allowed in France...coffee included. Love, OnceAmerican aka S :)

Pop Pop said...

Hope you have the best birthday ever! Are you really that old? It seems like only yestereday when your mother and I were holding you in the room at Florida Hospital in Orlando. Have your husband and kids make a really nice meal for you today. Hugs & Kisses! Dad

Gi Gi said...

What I really want to say I don't thing could go on the blog!!!!!! So I'll just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite daughter. Hope you get lots of French kisses today (smiles) - count one, two, three and start on the left. Sorry I am not there to celebrate with you but you are always in my heart! Love, Gi

Anonymous said...


(Ignore that I sent this by way of Jonathan yesterday)

I’ll toot my horn,

For the day you were born.

Plus, I…uh…uh…love your kids.

Okay, the poem’s not perfect, but it’s from the heart. I love your husband, too, but working that in was too much for me (as you can see).

Dad / Chuck

dannyboy said...

Happy Birthday Kerri! Hope you have a fun, relaxing day - shouldn't be too hard when you live in the south of France! You are making us jealous, looking at the pictures on your blog. Have a great Christmas and New Year's!

ij,sj, and kj

Dianne is for Paris said...

Hope you have a great birthday. Enjoy Christmas is France!

American Frenchie said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

uncleDUH said...

happy, Happy, HAPPY B-day (that could be several things!!!)

sorry I didn't get up early to say it face to face, but .... I got in-laws, a kid with 103 fever, and quite frankly was just too lazy to get up that early! hope we can connect this afternoon/evening.

best wishes,

love "bruver"

PS--talked about Lincoln (dog, not city) during school worship this morning as one of the best gifts ever--because he showed up at the right time, not because I really liked him!

Auntie Dianne said...

Dearest Kerri,
Happiest of Birthdays to you all the way from (warm & sunny) Pismo Beach, CA! I think this is the first year I've not sent you a 'real' card, but these wishes are no less heartfelt. You are a treasure to this family and we all love you very much. We hope you have a fabulous day! Hug and kiss those precious babies, hubby too, and we look forward to visiting you in late summer. . .
Much love to you today and always!
Uncle Larry, Auntie Dianne & the zoo

Cécile said...

Coucou Kerri !!!
I send you a lot of kissessss from Paris for your BIRTHDAY!!

Have a good evening and ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

See you soon ,
Cécile !!

J Perry Stone said...

Happy birthday Ker.

May your day be filled with a warted fat guy on a donkey:)

Love your guts.

And thank God Joanie is still dirty or I'd feel so alone in the world.


olen and danae said...

I need a little help as I am still working on perfecting my birthday wish for you...
How do you say, "Older than dinosaur dung," in French?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you will not receive a large jar of Nutella this year. How ever will you be able live? I hope you have a fabulous birthday, all the same! We keep an eye out for cheap tickets, so be prepared. Dan and Cydni Tavarez