14 December 2007

I Got 'Tagged' for the First Time

I'LL GIVE IT a shot.

Cassoulet Cafe just 'tagged' me for what is called a Four by Four Meme (how do I put that thingy over the first 'e'?). I think that means I'm supposed to answer the same four questions that were answered on that blog. Do I have that right? If so, here goes: voila..

What four things do you like most about France?

  1. Our view. We have a wonderful house that we are renting in a village called Le Rouret. From the patio I have an amazing view of Nice and the Mediterranean Sea and if I turn my head 90 degrees to the left I can see the snow-capped Alps. And on a really clear morning as the sun rises I can see the outline of the mountains in Corsica.
  2. Buying bread every day.
  3. Buying milk by the six-pack. I just think that is so cool.
  4. Seeing our kids talking to their friends in (almost) fluent French. My goal is to speak French as well as our kids. Going to be tough.

What are the four most memorable jobs you have had? (have I had four jobs?)

  1. Working (unpaid, mind you) on a congressional campaign in the state of Maryland for Chris Van Hollen. He won and is now Chair of the DCCC.
  2. Working in the Russia Division of the International Monetary Fund right out of college.
  3. Selling women's gloves at Woodward & Lothrop during the Christmas break of my sophomore year in high school.
  4. My current job, if for no other reason than it is in France.

What are four quirky things about the way you eat or drink?

  1. I like dipping graham crackers in orange juice. (Don't judge me)
  2. My favorite drink with Mexican food is milk.
  3. I love Pepsi in a glass with ice but hate it in a plastic bottle.
  4. I really like imitation meat products (friends and family will understand; the rest of you, don't ask!)

What are your favorite foods? (I'm going to amend the question a bit and list my favorite 'types' of foods and I'm going to try to do it in order.)

  1. Indian
  2. Thai
  3. Mexican/Tex-Mex
  4. Middle-Eastern (very difficult not to put this at number 3)

Four people I'd like to participate in this Meme?

  1. Poppy in Provence
  2. Soupe du Jour
  3. CUC blog
  4. L'Etrangere-Americanine

There, did I do that right?


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Poppy Fields said...

I just read this and love your answers. I'll do mine tomorrow(21st).