08 November 2007

Thanks for Lunch!

CAN'T LET ANOTHER moment go by without thanking Michel and Shirley for lunch on Tuesday. We had an absolutely fabulous time at L'ane Rouge, just off the main port in Nice. The meal was by far the nicest we have had in our short time in France: seven courses, fresh ingredients, wondurful wait staff (even went of of their way to make lunch enjoyable for our kids), fabulous flavors, delightful presentation, and the list goes on.

Michel owns a restaurant in Sonoma County, California called Bistro des Copains. The restaurant has only been open for a couple of years but it is already getting rave reviews in the local media and on the internet. If you happen to find yourself in Occidental, California sometime, stop by. And tell him you heard about the place on French for a While -- I'm sure it would be good for a free glass of wine!

Thanks for lunch!!!
CJS, KRS, and the kids

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joan said...

We can vouch for Michel's Restaurant. Everytime we go there the meal has been superb! G & P