01 November 2007

New Video

WE HAVE A new video up that I think some of you are going to like. It will be much more entertaining if you are familiar with the MTV show 'Cribs' (so dad, you're not going to get it --- but watch it anyway). This one is kind of silly and was just for fun. You can watch it below or see it in a larger format on You Tube (or by clicking 'Video' at the top of the page). Here's a challenge for some of you: try to identify all the song used in the video. Leave you guesses on the comments page.

This morning we are headed to Italy for a few days since everyone is off for the toussaint holiday. We'll have more when we get back.


joan said...

Good News & Better News - your French Home is fantastic - better news - why would you ever want to leave it?? Gi

uncleDUH said...

da 1-2's r da bomb! next big thing in the states i'm sure!!!

guard the bling in Italy! and have a REAL pizza for me!

uD out!

Anonymous said...

Depeche Mode? Haven't heard them since 1987.

Dianne is for Paris said...

I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough. I love it. Ditto what 'anonymous' said.

J Perry Stone said...

Okay, who rocked the camera when shooting the bed??? Sick and wrong, I say.

And Ker, is that desk in your bedroom where your dh does his blogging ... and you do your singing?

I just loved this whole thing. Loved it! You shot all the perfect details--kids, rooms, view, but you forgot a close up of K's hair--which I'm sure she wouldn’t have let you get in the first place.

Your space is gorgeous.

I LOLed when you said "1-2's,” J. I also liked how you had to tell Chuck he wouldn't know the songs in your clip. You're not the only one with this particular problem. My dad asked me the other day who that guy was on the Today Show. It was Sting--talking about tights and a codpiece!--which made dad mad. *ahem* .

No Ker, we're not coming your way ... but we will be in your general part of the world. Wish we could have rendezvous'd.

And here’s the part where you might want to run screaming into the Med. Sea…… you look GORGEOUS, Kerri! Although, just so you don’t get too uncomfortable with my complimenting you: remember that day in 6th grade when you wore too much base?

French for a While said...

julianne, could you just get a blog together so I can talk to you on yours too?!!! Although, I don't think I could come up with as many funnies as you!!!!

Cécile said...

This is just AMAZING !! Your house is the best french house ever !! I'm so happy for you cause your life in France seems to be perfect !!
I just love your blogspot it is really well made and I love seeing the kids and your new way of life, so, thank you very much !!!and just keep on doing it !!
Kissesss to everybody ,see you sooon !!!!


J Perry Stone said...

krs said: "julianne, could you just get a blog together so I can talk to you on yours too?!!! Although, I don't think I could come up with as many funnies as you!!!!"

Uh...hellooooo? Who do you think taught me "funnies," eh? Who, I ask you? Who? I betchya I cuold have gotten a whole degree in dumbsh!tedness (starting in 6th grade), learning under the master.

Lori said...

Ben Dale from Sligo Creek says hi! We all like your crib and he says that Nice looks cool and he wishes he could swim in your pool.