12 November 2007

New Strategy for Learning French

SINCE OUR FORMAL lessons haven't started yet (they are coming shortly) we are doing our best to learn French on the fly. We have several strategies. Kerri likes to go the internet/tv route, which isn't bad -- especially since we have figured out how to watch shows in French with the subtitles. You'd be amazed at how much that helps in terms of comprehension.

I, on the other hand, have decided to read L'Equipe every day. Since I love sports I figure that reading the only French daily paper dedicated entirely to sports is the way to go. If I have to, I'll consult a little French-English dictionary as I read. The upside is that I get to read about something I like: sports. The downside is that lately I've been reading a lot about Rugby, Netball, and track and field -- not exactly the sports that are in my wheelhouse. But I like the soccer (football) and now there is even some pretty good coverage of the NBA (something to do with Tony Parker, I think).

When I can read an entire article on my own I'll let you know (don't hold your breath).


Penny said...

That sounds like a great way to improve your french - you've got to find your "thing". For me, I try and read detective novels as they are the books I enjoy best in english.


French for a While said...

Penny: you can read novels in French? I'm very jealous.

Penny said...

Well, did you notice I said try? :) I've read a grand total of 2 books - both american thrillers translated into french and both authors I am familiar with so that helped. But I dont look up every word I dont know - I just try and get the gist. I do find it really helps with some of the harder tenses (I have a big problem differentiating between the imperfect,conditional and future, especially the irregular ones). I havent read anything for a couple of months but really must start a new book soon. Enjoy your sports :)