30 October 2007

Strike Two!

TODAY WAS OUR second attempt at getting our carte de sejour from the local prefecture. We were not successful. When we arrived we were told they were closed even though it was only 11:30 am (and the office hours clearly state they are open until 2:00pm). However...they had so many people today that they had to close early. So we're out of luck.

On the bright side, I think we might have better luck tomorrow. I told the kids that if we got any grief they should do their best to look cute and sad, in an attempt to get some sympathy. After telling us the office was closed, the gentleman at the counter looked at the kids and they put on very convincing cute/sad faces. The guy must have felt sorry for us because he gave us his cell phone number and told us to call him at 8:45 am tomorrow morning --- 15 minutes before the doors officially open.

Might mean nothing. Might save us a few hours tomorrow.


J Perry Stone said...

Tell Kerri to show some leg.

J Perry Stone said...

And tell her not to squawk.

J Perry Stone said...

Or to do any number of things i could probably list, but will refrain from as she is now an "adult" and has an image to maintain ... particularly on the web.

But oh, do I have some doozies.

Penny said...

Good luck - at least your kids behave. Last time we went, Jasper thought he was at the doctor's and wouldnt stop screaming